Tumbling at JLDC

Tumbling is an incredibly important part of All-Star Cheerleading and we recommend that all athletes supplement their weekly training with a semi-private tumble class.

Teams are generally set by tumble level and if you/your Athlete are keen to progress to the next level in Cheerleading, then working on tumbling consistently throughout the season is essential.

All Competitive athletes are required to train a mandatory minimum of 1 hour of tumbling a week.

Our tumbling sessions are also open to recreational athletes who are brand new to tumbling/gymnastics,  just want to improve on their tumbling skills or prepare themselves for competitive cheerleading by learning the correct progressions for each skill. Our sessions are structured in age and ability levels and all athletes must be able to perform all of the skills in that level with good form before they can progress to higher level skills. All sessions are taught in a fun environment and involve conditioning, drills, skills and flexibility work to develop strength and skills that will stay with you for life.

Level 1 – Handstand, forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, round off, power hurdle, front walkover, back walkover.

Level 2 – Front handspring, back handspring, round off back handspring series, standing back handspring.

Level 3 – Round off Back Tuck, round off back handspring back tuck, standing back handspring series, ariels.

Level 4 – Layouts, whips, twisting, standing back tucks, standing front tucks, punch front to series.

Level 5 – Twisting, doubles, standing fulls, punch front to series.

4-6yrs Level 1
7-8yrs Level 1
9-11yrs Level 1
12+yrs Level 1
11 & Under Level 2
12+ Level 2
All Ages Level 3
All Ages Level 4 & 5

To book a free trial, find the tumbling class you should attend, click login – create account. Change the enrolment type from ‘active’ to ‘trial’. This ensures you are added to our register and the coaches will know to expect you.