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Molly Fancey

Hi my name is Molly Fancey, AKA “Molz”, I'm 12 years old and I've been at JLDC for about a year now. I am currently in the Jaguars team and coach the recreational team alongside Lily. I have competed in the ICC cheerleading competition in February and the BCA competition in June, in which I was part of the cheer team, stunt group and hip hop dance team.

Before starting at JLDC I used to be part of the gymnastics team at Stubbington springboard for about 4 years. I also attended Stageskool performing arts for several years where I did acting, singing and dance including hip hop. I knew for a while that I wanted to be part of a team sport, I needed a bigger push and more of a challenge. Then I joined JLDC.

JLDC has given me a lot more confidence to be myself and somewhere where I can go and just be me, crazy me!! I've made lots of new friends and met two amazing coaches: Jessie and Mark. I've gained so many new skills at JLDC which will help me not just in cheer but in life.

In May, I attended the BGU Junior Coaches course in Essex along with the other 4 girls. In this course I learnt all the skills and patience to coach younger cheerleaders and help them to become amazing athletes. I really enjoyed this course as it thought me so many more things about cheer and how to guide little ones through their time at JLDC. I absolutely love coaching the recreational class as they are such a bubbly and funny group to teach and seeing them grow as a team always put a smile on my face.