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Daisy Baker

My name is Daisy Rose Baker and I am 14 years of age. I Joined JLDC in July 2016 after I took a massive step to try out for a new team, but I must say it has been truly the best year of my life.

I have been training as a cheerleader for 3 years now and can truly say I think I have finally found something that I love and have dedication to. I have attended many different types of sports/Dance over the years trying to find something that I enjoyed and wanted to be a part of. I have represented my school on many occasions, including running and cross country. I have enjoyed the other clubs and sports but nothing has given me the buzz like cheerleading.

Meeting Jessie and Mark has been mental, Jess is like the older sister you could only ever wish for and Mark is like a mate who you can have a laugh with and is happy to give and receive the banter. I can truly say I can talk to them both about anything.

I have attended two cheer comps with JLDC both being an amazing experience. I cannot describe how it felt to place first within our first season.  

To be a level one Junior Coach at 13 is incredible and has given me the most amazing chances in life, and I cannot wait to teach my own team. I began coaching on a Monday which progressed into a Sunday morning, and now a Thursday evening too. I can’t describe how much fun we have had travelling to training sessions with Mark and Jessie, Snap chats and singing as loud as we can be rocking out to the music.  I have had so many laughs with them and the other girls.

I enjoy coaching the younger athletes, they make me so proud, especially when gaining new skills and knowing I am a big part of their skill development. I can only ever wish for one thing from the athletes, that they feel the way I do about my coaches with me.

I have gained so much knowledge and skills and look forward to gaining and progressing even more within JLDC. The team bond is amazing and I have made so many friends and I can say hand on my heart it’s been the best year of my life. I can’t thank Mark and Jessie enough and all other coaches at JLDC.